The Oscars

Posted by Brandon |

Another Academy Awards show comes and goes and unlike last year, I struggled to predict the winners finishing with only 12 correct predictions in our Oscar party competition. Here are some of the things that really stood out about the broadcast for me...

  • One of my favorite moments of the entire night came before it even began. On the red carpet Joan River's was interviewing Vera Drake's Imelda Staunton about the movie and asked her if she ever met Vera Drake. Staunton just looked at her funny and said "she wasn't a real person..." It was pricelessly funny.

  • One of the worst moments was seeing Melissa Rivers telestrating comments about people while her mother was talking to them. The telestrator was so awful but funny at the same time.

  • I thought giving awards in the audience was ridiculously tacky. So did Chris Rock who late in the show went on a tirade about how next year they would be giving awards in the parking lot.

  • About Chris Rock. I thought he was alright. Nothing special. He ripped on a few people and he had a couple of good one liners when introducing people, but it was pretty tame overall. He really only ripped on people who weren't there.

  • Why the hell did Beyonce get to sing three of the nominated songs? And just because she's singing, why does that mean Jay-Z gets to be there?

  • Does P-Diddy actually do anything anymore other than throw parties?

  • Good lord did the honorary awards take forever or what?

  • They really need to silence the clapping during the dead people montage. It's just so tacky.

  • Penelope Cruz is just a crappy version of Salma Hayek.

  • Best Dressed: Cate Blanchet and Kate Winslet. Both looked amazing.

  • Worst Dressed: Leonardo DiCaprio. We were calling him Mr. Pink because he looked like a Reservoir Dog.

  • I can't argue too much about any of the awards given out. All the right actors won the awards. Hillary Swank, Morgan Freeman, Blanchet and Jamie Foxx all really deserved to win. They were all incredible.

  • However, I thought Aviator should have won for Best Directing and Best Picture. Million Dollar Baby was good and I actually liked it more than the Aviator, but it essentially is a Lifetime Network melodrama. The Aviator is huge, dramatic, epic film making at it's best.

  • I was so happy to see that Charlie Kaufman won for Best Original Screenplay for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I think it got shafted because it came out so early in the year.

  • Speaking of shafted...Where was Harold and Kumar???