Bride and Prejudice

Posted by Brandon |

The Down With Pants! crew went to the beautiful Egyptian Theater here in Seattle this weekend and took in a film that was "excrutiatingly petty in it's handling of racial identity and cultural fidelity". However, "if you're in a tolerant or adventurous mood, [it's] very entertaining".

Both statements in these reviews are true, (although tolerant is a weird word to use. Maybe it should read "if you can stand a few Indian people and their crazy customs for a couple of hours then this is for you!") but I think that both reviewers missed the point of this Jane Austen, Bollywood sendup (the second one was at least on the right track). This movie is just supposed to be a ton of fun, and it is.

I just wish that reviewers could, just for one moment, forget that it is an adaptation of a Jane Austen novel. Forget that Martin Henderson (best known for his riveting role in Britney Spear's "Toxic" video) blows as Darcy. Forget all the racial stuff and just come out and say if they had fun or not at this movie.

Personally, I didn't expect much at all. The cheesy title almost blew the whole movie for me from the beginning. But as the film went on I found myself actually having a great time watching it. All of the criticisms I have read popped into my head plus many more. However, they were all trumped by how funny and how much fun the whole, wild extravaganza is.

Besides, how can you possibly knock a movie that lets you watch the incredibly gorgeous Aishwarya Rai (above) for two hours? She promptly moved to #102 on my list of most gorgeous women on the face of the earth behind only Death? (#1-100) and Heidi Klum (#101). Death? then occupies #103-200 with Halle Berry coming in at #201. That's some pretty lofty praise for this otherwise unknown (at least to me) starlet.