Piss and Twitter

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Dude, cell phone usage in ridiculous places hit an all-time low yesterday.

We went to IKEA where we picked up a crib and a dresser/changing table thing for our expected little girl. But first we had a wonderful but filling meal at Porto's Bakery and by the time we got to IKEA, I had to hightail it into the bathroom. While I'm sitting there doing my business, a guy walks in chatting away at top voice on his cell phone. He proceeded to take a pee, flush the toilet, wash his hands and use the hand dryer...ALL WHILE STILL TALKING ON HIS PHONE! He was holding a conversation...WHILE PEEING!

I'm sorry, but if I ever heard the sound of pee-pee and toilets in the background while talking to someone on their cell, they wouldn't be my friend anymore. Our friendship would end, right there and then. If they thought that bathroom time was an appropriate time to have a discussion, well then they are simply too inconsiderate and too stupid for me to talk to. I'd be done, that's it, it's over.

And I could see through the crack of my stall that he had the phone on his shoulder...HE WASN'T EVEN USING A HANDS FREE DEVICE!

P.S...This is going to be yet another lite week here at DWP! We are heading up to Seattle tomorrow night (technically Edmonds), will be there all Wednesday and will be back sometime on Thursday. I won't have time to get to the Fantasy Football review, I'm sure Avitable is heartbroken. All you really need to know is this, my teams sucks and Snackie's is awesome. Tom Brady can suck on my nuts.

But, I am now on Twitter and because I get free unlimited text messaging, Twitter is my new best friend. If you are on Twitter, add me and then I'll add you and then we can be nerdy and tell each other about minutia all day long!


From the DWP! Archive: My Nemesis

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It's 11:36 PM and I'm still trying to finish up laundry. Between the crappyness of our apartment building's washing machine and my inability to remember that I have loads in, it has taken nearly five hours to do three loads.

Tonight reminded me of when we first moved in and the frustration that doing laundry was. I finally figured out how to do laundry without too much incident, but tonight just isn't my night. Here's a post from August 25th, 2005 to illustrate just what a pain it used to be and what a pain it has been tonight...

I have finally met my nemesis. The greatest opponent that I have ever faced lives right here in our apartment complex. Never before have I been beaten so soundly than when I have to do battle with this...

That's right, I have been beaten by a goddamn washing machine. Every time I do laundry it kicks my ass. The first time I did laundry it overflowed flooding the entire laundry room with about a half inch of water on the floor. I filled it up to the same point as I have always filled any other washing machine, but this one wanted to fuck me over so it spewed forth, ruining a rug and my day.

Then when I finally figured out the level to which I can fill it and not have it overflow, it decided that it needed to fuck with me some more. So now every time I walk away and go back upstairs it goes out of balance and shuts off. When I come back a half hour later it hasn't done a damn thing but sit there and get funky. When I sit in the laundry room and watch it, it never screws up, but as soon as I leave it goes all to hell. It is so frustrating.

But I like a challenge. I like to compete. So I will continue to use my nemesis, the washing machine, instead of going to a laundromat. I will eventually prevail. Victory will be mine. Either that or laundry will always take hours upon hours to do. I'd put my money on the hours and hours if I were you.


Wooooooo....Weather! - UPDATE

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Now this is how the weather should be reported!

UPDATE: I had to change the videos because Accuweather doesn't actually archive the forecasts, they just replace them. So the video that a lot of people saw was some boring guy blabbing. The real video was hilarious. My co-worker and I couldn't stop laughing.

The weatherman featured in the first video and the above YouTube video that I found is Jim Kosek. He goes a little bit over the top sometimes but is always good for a laugh. You can find his rotating forecasts here.



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This morning, on my way to work, I pulled up behind this Honda Insight you see pictured above. For those of you who don't know, the Insight is a hybrid, in fact it was the first mass produced hybrid sold in the United States, so that peace sign proudly displayed on the bumper is no surprise. And the personalized license plate 1CINAPE, which I interpret to be "Once 'N Ape", is an obvious declaration of the belief of evolution over creationism. Ok, sounds good, I don't know why you need to put that on a license plate, but whatever, I get the point. All of these things add up to her being a run of the mill liberal hippie.

And of course, to go along with the hippie part of the equation, a little bit of consumption is in order. Surprise, surprise...it's a cigarette...

First of all, to all the liberals and hippies out there, smoking is perhaps the most conservative thing that you can possibly do. All you do is support the most right wing parts of this country by smoking a cigarette. I know that we can never stop using products that put money into the coffers of people we don't like, but if there is one product that you can definitely cut off the money to, it's the tobacco industry. Your dollars are hard at work both killing you slowly and killing all of your beliefs - so quit smoking already.

Secondly, if you are driving a hybrid you are obviously concerned about our environment, or at least want to give off the impression that you care. So then why the fuck are you flinging your cigarette out the window and into the street? Yes it's a little item and you probably think that it's all biodegradable, but son-of-a-bitch, it isn't! Nope, the filters are filled with all sorts of nasty chemicals and are made of something that isn't going to break down for quite some time. Hard to believe, but it's true.

With that in mind, here's a little quiz, let's see how you do. A hippie driving a hybrid that flings here cigarette out of her window is:

A. A stupid as shit sack of crap
B. A lazy asshole who can't dirty her precious car
C. A hypocrite
D. Part of the problem
E. All of the above

If you guessed E. then you are at least on the right track. If you want your credentials as a hippie liberal back, quit smoking. If you can't do that, then at least learn how to use your ashtray.


DWP! Fantasy Football 2007 - Week Seven

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Holy upsets Batman! The Down With Pants! Fantasy Football league was thrown ass over tea kettle this weekend as four of the six games ended with big honking upsets.

My DWP! squad knocked johnnyhongkong out of the second place with a resounding 128-90 victory. I'm not saying that my team is going to do this every week, but now that we are starting to get healthy, we very well could be a dangerous squad to tussle with.

But the biggest upsets came from the league's previous one win teams. We start with Turbo Chic who took a 1-4-1 record into a game against 4-2 Kapgar's Kapitans. Behind 26 points from Chad Pennington and, finally, the emergence of Larry Johnson, Turbo Chic spanked Kapgar 104-64. And the news just gets worse for the Kapitans. Stud running back Ronnie Brown is out for the season. What a devastating weekend for Kevin.

We move on to the previously 1-5 CineRobots and their game against 2006 champion, CK Lions. At long last, luck caught up with the Robots and his opponent didn't have a career game. Instead, CineRobots posted the week's top score behind 31 Ben Roethlisberger points en route to a 132-79 drubbing. A very impressive outing, but has all the bad juju left their locker room?

But perhaps the biggest upset of the weekend came as sinkintothepacific, the last team to pick up their first win, knocked off previously unbeaten Warped 113-57. Jeff Garcia and Laveranues Coles, of all people, provided nearly enough points alone to capture victory scoring 21 and 25 points respectively. I get the feeling that while not supremely talented, the sinkintothepacific squad are going to be thorns in the sides of a lot of teams from here on out.

With the big guns dropping like flies all around them, both Snackiesonics and DutchBitch Drama took care of business. Snackiesonics got 50 freakin' points out of Tom Brady to give Honea Express their sixth straight loss. And DutchBitch, despite playing a quarterback who's noggin' is so messed up he may never play again, took down the Roast Ducks. Both Snackie and Dutchy are now tied for second place at 5-2.

Here's the whole slate of scores complete with leading scorers...

Snackiesonics (5-2) - 117 - Tom Brady - 50 points
Honea Express (1-6) - 73 - Drew Brees - 18 points

DutchBitch Drama (5-2) - 97 - Randy Moss - 24 points
Roast Ducks (3-4) - 72 - Peyton Manning - 20 points

DOWN WITH PANTS! (3-3-1) - 128 - Wes Welker - 25 points
johnnyhongkong (4-2-1) - 90 - Josh Brown - 18 points

CineRobots (2-5) - 132 - Ben Roethlisberger - 31 points
CK Lions (4-3) - 79 - LenDale White - 18 points

Turbo Chic - (2-4-1) - 104 - Chad Pennington - 26 points
Kapgar's Kapitans (4-3) - 64 - Jay Cutler - 27 points

sinkintothepacific (2-5) - 113 - Laveranues Coles - 25 points
Warped (5-1-1) - 57 - Donovan McNabb - 16 points

Oh man, my team takes on Snackiesonics this week. We'll have to face Brady and Tomlinson, but we won't have to face Terrell Owens or Marion Barber III. The way Brady's playing though, he could easily win the game alone.

In other action, the celebration will be over for at least one of the week seven ousters as CineRobots take on sinkintothepacific. Both teams will basically be at full strength so it should be a pretty interesting game.

Here is the whole slate of games for week eight. League rank is in parentheses...

Warped (1) vs. Kapgar's Kapitans (6)
Snackiesonics (2) vs. DOWN WITH PANTS! (7)
DutchBitch Drama (3) vs. Turbo Chic (9)
ohnnyhongkong (4) vs. CK Lions (5)
Roast Ducks (8) vs. Honea Express (12)
CineRobots (10) vs. sinkintothepacific (11)

There are six teams on bye this week - Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, Arizona, Seattle and Baltimore. Please check your lineups.


Across The Universe

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Since my soccer game was canceled tonight due to smoky conditions and the air quality and general heat in our apartment was no better, we decided to find somewhere to get some fresh air tonight. The only place we could think of was a movie theater so after perusing the brutally thin lineup of movies out right now, we finally decided on Across The Universe, the maligned Beatles musical. Maybe it was very low expectations, but I actually enjoyed myself and ended up kind of liking the film.

First of all, I'm normally not a fan of Beatles covers so I was worried about having to sit through two hours of other people doing their songs. I'm a huge Beatles fan, they are my favorite band, and I want to love and respect other people covering them, but it always amazes me just how poorly good musicians do when trying to cover Beatles songs. For me, it's always the phrasing and the rhythm that are off, nobody ever seems to be able to get it right.

But to my surprise, the best part of the movie was the music. I was very impressed with most of the songs. I could've done without some of the Joplinesque singing by Dana Fuchs, I hate Janis Joplin and I especially hate when blues singers try to do Beatles songs, but any of the songs by the leads Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Woods were good and I really loved "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by Martin Luther McCoy. Bono's cameo was half good. He suffered from some of the poor rhythm and phrasing that are pretty important in "I Am the Walrus".

The story wasn't nearly as heavy handed or clunky as I expected either. It's a little cloying and not particularly creative, we've all basically seen this story thread before in nearly every movie about the '60's, but again, the leads carry it along and make it worth the trip. Sturgess, Woods and Joe Anderson carry this movie from what could've been a stinker to something worth watching. I would have preferred that this be a much smaller film in scale and not go after so many issues and overarching themes. For me, being born in the late 70's, Beatles songs have a lot more personal meaning. I didn't live through the generation that they "define", so trying to link them together is a little bit of a stretch for me. I see how it works, but if they would've just focused more on the simplicity of the lead's story and cut the length down considerably, it would've been a much more satisfying movie for me. Kind of a more complex Once, but with Beatles tunes.

And of course, I can't fail to mention the visuals. It is a beautiful movie to watch. Some of it is disjointed and some of it is totally superfluous and present just to impress and one scene in particular, Eddie Izzard's "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite", is just awful. Eddie isn't too bad, but the scene itself is horrible. Poor Eddie deserved much better. But other than that one song, the visuals, for the most part, do a good job of matching and interpreting the music in a way that didn't piss me off, and that's all I was really asking for. Plus, at one point Salma Hayek makes an appearance as not one, not two, not three, not even four, but five hot nurses. There is nothing wrong with that.

Overall, Across The Universe is worth watching. It won't change your life and it shouldn't be up for any awards, but as a skeptical Beatles fan, I'm very happy that it didn't make me want run away screaming like I half expected it to do.


We're Back

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So we spent three days in the pouring rain of the Northwest and loved every minute of it. Whenever we go up there it just feels right. It's our kind of place. The people are different, the atmosphere is better and we feel so much more comfortable. There are some pluses to Southern California, for sure, and we've been happy here and don't have any regrets, but it isn't enough to keep us down here any longer than we need to be.

Especially when we arrive back home to FUCKING ARMAGEDDON!!! Good lord, what a mess it is here in the Los Angeles area. Practically everything is on fire. At one point for a few hours this afternoon, the sky was an unholy greyish orange and visibility was next to nothing. Very eerie. And since the LA TV staions focused almost 100% on the Malibu fire, I had absolutely no idea where all that smoke was coming from. As far as I knew, my little town was burning down around me. Luckily, it was coming from some smaller fires east of us, but still, it was kind of freaky.

Here is one of the saddest billboards I have ever seen...

Shop at Circle K you trashy son-of-a-bitch!


Pure Gold

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Tonight Death? was talking about how sometime in December she thinks she'll have a baby shower up in Washington. Of course, that all depends on whether or not she has a "Golden Weekend" during that time, meaning in medical resident terms, both Saturday and Sunday off (a rarity).

I, of completely inappropriate mind, shot back with the inevitable question...

"Would that make it a Golden Shower Weekend?"

Alright, you've been great! Good night everybody! McMinnville bound are we. I'll see you on Sunday.


DWP! Fantasy Football 2007 - Week Six

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I've been playing this scoring format for over ten years and I can't remember a season that had this many 40 point performances. There were three more 40 point games this week. Snackiesonics had two of them: Tom Brady (43) and LaDanian Tomlinson (44), and another came from CineRobot's Adrian Peterson (40).

Snackiesonics showed the havoc that she could cause scoring a league high 144 points nearly doubling up Roast Ducks. The big three came through big time with the big games by Brady and Tomlinson enough to win alone, but Terrell Owens added 12 points and Braylon Edwards went crazy scoring 24. Definitely a banner day for Hilly.

Warped continued to roll along by defeating CK Lions 108-93. Seven Warped players scored in double digits with no player scoring more than 15. Talk about a balanced attack. It was Warped's fifth win in a row.

Quietly, johnnyhongkong moved into sole possession of second place knocking off the fledgling Honea Express 86-79. He is definitely sneaking up on people and has become a force to be reckoned with.

The hard luck continued for CineRobots. Behind the huge game by Petterson, he scored 97 points. But my DWP! team finally got it together thanks to unexpected big games by Maurice Jones-Drew and Wes Welker. My 112 points scored was a big time fluke played out at the expense of CineRobots. I kind of feel bad.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention sinkintothepacific's first win of the season. He knocked off Turbo Chic 81-55 behind Brian Griese's 27 point outburst.

Here's the whole slate of scores complete with leading scorers...

johnnyhongkong (4-1-1) - 86 - Ravens Defense - 23 points
Honea Express (1-5) - 79 - Derek Anderson - 34 points

Snackiesonics (4-2) - 144 - LaDanian Tomlinson - 44 points
Roast Ducks (3-3) - 74 - Steve Smith - 20 points

DutchBitch Drama (4-2) - 73 - T.J. Houshmandzadeh - 26 points
Kapgar's Kapitans (4-2) - 54 - Ronnie Brown - 16 points

Warped (5-0-1) - 87 - McNabb/Galloway/Jags D - 15 points
CK Lions (4-2) - 71 - Palmer/Curtis - 18 points

DOWN WITH PANTS! (2-3-1) - 112 - Maurice Jones-Drew - 29 points
CineRobots (1-5) - 97 - Adrian Petterson - 40 points

sinkintothepacific (1-5) - 81 - Brian Griese - 27 points
Turbo Chic - (1-4-1) - 55 - Larry Johnson - 17 points

Oooo...week seven looks like it could be interesting. It's bottom feeders, or as I like to call them, underdogs, versus the top of the standings. It breaks down almost perfectly according to the standings, check it out (league rank in parentheses)...

Warped (1) vs. sinkintothepacific (11)
johnnyhongkong (2) vs. DOWN WITH PANTS! (8)
Snackiesonics (3) vs. Honea Express (12)
CK Lions (4) vs. CineRobots (10)
Kapgar's Kapitans (5) vs. Turbo Chic (9)
DutchBitch Drama (6) vs. Roast Ducks (7)

The best chance for an upset comes from the 12th place Honea Express. Snackiesonics will be without Tomlinson and Edwards and currently has Sammy Morris, Demetrius Williams and Ben Obomanu in her lineup. I don't even know who two of those guys are. I'm glad I'm not playing her though, this would be bulletin board material.

The other likely upset is Roast Ducks over DutchBitch Drama especially if Dutchy doesn't fix her lineup, although it didn't hurt her this week.

Which brings me to my final point. There are four teams on bye week, Cleveland, Green Bay, San Diego and Carolina. PLEASE don't have any of those players in your lineup.


Santa Barbara Football is Puppy-Tastic!

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I went to a college football game (albeit a community college football game) in Santa Barbara this weekend. Why was I not surprised to see a scene like the one pictured above? Seems like a perfect couple of Santa Barbara football fans to me. Here's one more picture from Ventura College's 7-3 victory over Santa Barbara City College...

This is probably going to be a light week here at Down With Pants! Tomorrow I'll have a couple posts and maybe Wednesday, but then we will be traveling to McMinnville, Oregon on Thursday to see if that's where we might want to live and work and raise our kids at least for a few years. It looks like a nice little town online, we'll have to see if there is anything for me to do there though.


Down With

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I check my stats religiously, I don't know why, I have a problem. Sometimes it's exciting, sometimes it's depressing and sometimes it's exciting and perplexing at the same time. Take this visit from today, for example...

Wow, an Iranian hit, from Tehran, with the search terms "down with". How cool is that? The mind races with questions. Who is this surfer? What movement are they looking for? Did they find what they were looking for here on Down With Pants!? Will my words and my fierce anti-pants stance encourage a Velvet Revolution?

When you do a google search for "down with", you get some interesting results...

1. Down with Love (2003)
2. DownWithTyranny!
3. Down With GUIs!
4. Down with Absolutes
5. Down With Democracy
6. Down with DRM video contest
7. Down with Determinants!
9. Down with the metre and litre!
10. Down With America (Except the Bronx)

First of all, can you believe that of all the "Down With" statements that could be made, DOWN WITH PANTS! comes in at #8?

But most importantly, this Iranian revolutionary searching for a cause didn't find what they were looking for in DownWithTyranny! or Down With Democracy. Instead, they continued on past those causes eventually deciding that maybe DOWN WITH PANTS! was more like it.

Perhaps Down with the metre and litre or, more likely, Down With America (Except the Bronx) ended up being more up their alley, but the fact that my humble protest was even considered is quite the honor.


Down With Pants! Radio

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I mentioned yesterday that I was thinking about doing an hour or two a week on NowLive.com. I'm still considering that, I just can't figure out when I would do it. I'll figure that out sooner or later.

But I'm also kicking around the idea of bringing back the Down With Pants! podcast, and this time I have an idea about what I want to do. I have the first two episodes planned out in my mind. They are going to be kind of This American Life-like shows, 30 minutes to an hour long. They'll probably be a little more personal than my writing on here because of the topics that I'm planning on covering.

The first episode's subject is singing in the car. This is something that I do A LOT and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that does anymore. I bought a digital recorder today and I plan on taping myself singing, so you can look forward to that. If you have any interesting stories about singing in the car, or would like to tape yourself singing, I would love to use it. Please email me at downwithpants@gmail.com with your submission.

I hope to have the first episode up and running sometime in the next two weeks, if everything goes well.


Non-Fantasy Football Post: Vote or Die!

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Two quick polls for you to take tonight...

1. I've been thinking about doing an hour or two hours of live internet radio each week on NowLive.com. I'm curious if it would even be worth my time. I'd be playing some music and talking about a bunch of crap, take phone calls and whatnot. Would you listen and participate? Please vote below...

2. College basketball season is rapidly approaching. I LOVE college basketball and there is virtually no way I'm not going to be able to write about it. The question is, where should I write about it? Should I write about it here on Down With Pants!, over at The Sports Logo Pundit, on my own, new blog solely about college basketball or should I find an established blog to be a correspondent for? There are pluses and minuses to all four options. So what do you think? Could you take a bunch of college basketball on this blog? Please vote below...


2007 DWP! Fantasy Football - Week Five

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The scoring finally came back down to earth in week five but Kapgar's Kapitans just keep on rolling scoring a league high 89 points. He is the only team to score 500 points on the season and is up 37 points over CK Lions in that category. Sinkintothepacific put up a nice fight scoring 83 points but it just wasn't quite enough to keep him from dropping to 0-5 on the season.

Speaking of futility, my Down With Pants! squad rolled over and died in a 37-87 defeat at the hands of still unbeaten and first place owning Warped. Warped showed a lot this week scoring that many points with a majority of his starters on bye weeks or injured. When he has all of his players healthy, look out. He's going to be a touch out. My team, on the other hand, is brutal and there doesn't look like there is much hope. We probably don't deserve our one win or our tie.

In other news, the femme fatale battle between Snackiesonics and DutchBitch was a low scoring affair with Snackie coming out on top thanks to 28 points from Tom Brady. CK Lions got a scare from TurboChic. CineRobots picked up their first win of the season dropping Honea Express. And johnnyhongkong quietly took over fourth place with a hard fought decision over Roast Ducks.

Here's the whole slate of scores complete with leading scorers...

johnnyhongkong (3-1-1) - 78 - Benjamin Watson - 23 points
Roast Ducks (3-2) - 74 - Peyton Manning - 20 points

Snackiesonics (3-2) - 65 - Tom Brady - 28 points
DutchBitch Drama (3-2) - 59 - Chargers Defense - 20 points

Warped (4-0-1) - 87 - Jason Witten - 16 points
DOWN WITH PANTS! (1-3-1) - 37 - Randy McMichael - 10 points

CineRobots (1-4) - 72 - Jackson/Roethlisberger - 14 points
Honea Express (1-4) - 57 - Steelers Defense - 15 points

Kapgar's Kapitans (4-1) - 89 - Ronnie Brown - 20 points
sinkintothepacific (0-5) - 83 - Brian Griese - 18 points

CK Lions (4-1) - 71 - Manning/Burress - 18 points
Turbo Chic - (1-3-1) - 68 - Torry Holt - 16 points

For the most part, week six is the good versus the good, the average versus the average and the bad versus the bad.

The game of the week has to be Warped against CK Lions in a battle for first place. CK Lions might have the advantage with Warped missing Frank Gore and Marvin Harrison, but Warped has been winning without major contributions from either of those guys in recent weeks, so it might not matter.

Another interesting game is between Snackiesonics and Roast Ducks, both currently tied for fifth. Snackiesonics has all of there horses available while Roast Ducks will be missing his big gun, Peyton Manning.

Here's the full week six schedule...

Honea Express
vs. johnnyhongkong
Roast Ducks vs. Snackiesonics
Kapgar's Kapitans vs. DutchBitch Drama
sinkintothepacific vs. Turbo Chic
Warped vs. CK Lions

There are six teams with a bye this week. Buffalo, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and San Francisco are all off. Make sure that players from those teams aren't in your starting lineup.


Sweeney Todd/David Wilson Jordan

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I try to do my best to not get too excited about movies, it's too easy to be disappointed. I rarely watch the early trailers for films and I try to avoid the hype machine that makes you want movies to be released so you don't have to hear about them anymore.

But yesterday, I saw a preview for a movie online that I can't help but be excited about...

Holy crap! Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen in a Tim Burton musical? Could there be a better Christmastime movie this year?

I saw the Broadway musical version of Sweeney Todd while in college at Bowling Green, a college not widely known for great theater despite graduating such stars as Eva Marie Saint (the theater is named after her), Tim Conway (Dorf), Robert Patrick (the T-1000) and Bernie Casey (head of Lambda Lambda Lambda). It was quite bad, there just wasn't the talent to pull off a Stephen Sondheim musical at BGSU. But despite the below average singing, hokey set design and bad directing, you could see what a great black comedy Sweeney Todd would be in the right hands.

And could there be better hands than Tim Burton and Johnny Depp? I think not.

Totally unrelated other than you might see a guy that looks like this in the movie: We went to the beautiful and incredible Huntington Library in Pasadena last weekend and while perusing through one of the galleries, we ran into a particularly familiar face...

That's the 1899 painting David Wilson Jordan by Thomas Eakins. I'm just going to post the painting here and see if the person who is the spitting image of David Wilson Jordan recognizes himself.



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The Great Mofo Delurk 2007This is going to be a sad attempt, but since it seems that today is The Great Mofo Delurk of 2007, I might as well attempt to get some of you out of the shadows. Sadly, there probably won't be very many of you since, according to my stats, there is only a group of fifteen of you that stop by on a regular basis and most of you already throw some pity comments my way. So thanks for those, and I would love to hear from you lurkers as well, if you exist. Thanks to Schmutzie for the pic and idea and thanks to Snackie for pointing it out.

One more quick thing, I've said it before but I feel like I should say it again since I just posted my 100th review. I love Yelp. I use it like crazy. I've found a ton of good restaurants and made some new friends and satisfied my need to review restaurants and businesses without subjecting all of you to those. If you aren't signed up and using it, head on over there now and start reviewing, and then add me as one of your friends.


Non-Fantasy Football Post: They Might Be Giants!

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We just got back from our third concert since Friday night. We saw Hot Hot Heat on Friday (pretty good), Dave Matthews Band on Monday (as good as a DMB show filled with 15 minute jams can be) and tonight, the best of the bunch, They Might Be Giants. They were awesome, as always. They are one of my favorite, if not my favorite band and we had a great time.

So here's a couple TMBG videos for you to enjoy. Start with my favorite of their live performances, "Birdhouse in Your Soul" from the Tonight Show. And then my favorite of their songs that they didn't do at the show tonight, "Man It's So Loud In Here". To see their latest video, visit Stereogum.com to watch The Mesopotamians.


20007 DWP! Fantasy Football - Week Four

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Sixteen straight wins. CK Lions had reeled off sixteen straight wins coming into week four of the 2007 DWP! Fantasy Football League. Then the Lions ran into a buzzsaw by the name of Kapgar who dropped them 88-43 and now both teams sit tied for second place with a 3-1 record along with Roast Ducks and DutchBitch Drama.

Speaking of Roast Ducks, they once again were the high scoring team racking up 125 points in a 51 point victory over the hard luck CineRobots. The BLT award is his for yet another week.

With the CK Lions loss, we suddenly have a new first place team. Despite sitting at seventh in points scored, Warped finds himself as the only undefeated team left after knocking off Honea Express 60-47 to improve to a 3-0-1 record. Nice work, Warped...just don't get used to it, you've got one tough monkey to handle this week (yeah, right).

Here's the whole slate of scores complete with leading scorers...

johnnyhongkong (2-1-1) - 108 - Tony Romo - 37 points
Snackiesonics (2-2) - 87 - Tom Brady - 25 points

Warped (3-0-1) - 60 - James/Witten - 13 points
Honea Express (1-3) - 47 - Green/Elam - 8 points

Roast Ducks (3-1) - 125 - Peyton Manning - 31 points
CineRobots (0-4) - 74 - Ben Roethlisberger - 19 points

Kapgar's Kapitans (3-1) - 88 - Ronnie Brown - 26 points
CK Lions (3-1) - 43 - Carson Palmer - 11 points

DutchBitch Drama (3-1) - 91 - Randy Moss - 22 points
sinkintothepacific (0-4) - 78 - Brian Griese - 17 points

Turbo Chic - (1-2-1) - 65 - Matt Schaub - 17 points
DOWN WITH PANTS! (1-2-1) - 65 - Matt Hasselbeck - 21 points

The game of the week has to be the femme fatale matchup between DutchBitch Drama and Snackiesonics. Both teams have some serious firepower and should be a star-studded high power shootout. Week five also features the highest scoring team, Kapgar's Kapitans, versus the league's lowest scoring team, sinkintothepacific. And Warped puts his first place standing on the line against my Down With Pants! squad that has to at some point break out and have a decent game. It helps that Donovan McNabb is a bye-week casualty for Warped.

Here's the full week five schedule...

vs. Honea Express
Roast Ducks vs. johnnyhongkong
vs. DutchBitch Drama
sinkintothepacific vs. Kapgar's Kapitans
CK Lions vs. Turbo Chic

Don't forget that there are four teams with byes this week. Cincinnati, Oakland, Minnesota and Philadelphia are all off. Make sure that players from those teams aren't in your starting lineup.