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Back in August of 2005 I wrote a post about how sad I was to give up my Washington license plates in favor of California plates. Tonight I write a post about how sad I am to give up my California plates in favor of Washington plates.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have Mount Rainier back on my car, but there was something special about those California plates, something intangible that I lose with the Washington plates. Those California plates screamed "GREAT DRIVER COMING THROUGH! OUTTA MY WAY!" It was a form of identification that I was proud of, at least on my car.

Now there's nothing that separates me from the crappy driving Washington State herd other than my total badassness on the road.

Totally Unrelated Aside (Sorry Kevin) - If you have a second, go vote for my design for the TBTL t-shirt contest. They'll be giving the shirts out as part of a night out at the Seattle Mariner's game on May 21st, hence the simple baseball jersey design and number...

You can vote for it by clicking here and choosing #5 "Old School". Thanks!


Jesse P Luna said...

Very nice shirt design! I voted for it.

kapgar said...

Just because you stole TUA, I voted for someone else.

JK. I voted for you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I will vote for you!

Also, I totally understand about the plates. I feel that way now...like, get outta my way cause CA drivers are awesome. Soon though, I have to get Florida plates...blergh.

Becky said...

I just voted! I had to get a new car when I moved here, but I hated giving up my Hawaii driver's license.

Jesse said...

Did you people drive in the same California as me? Those people never exactly made me think "professional driver" when I saw them.

Greg said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. The plate can say it all. My Indiana plate basically says "if I close my eyes and walk in any direction for 100 yards, I will either run into a farm or a fat person."

James said...

That was you with California Plates? Sorry, if I'd of known I wouldn't have flipped you Tall Man.

All kidding aside, it is nice to learn of other Dad bloggers in the area.

Brandon said...

Jesse - Thanks! And thanks again for promoting it on Twitter.

Kapgar - Hey, you can vote for whoever you like. Thanks though!

Hilly - Thanks! Someone I knew drew a smiley face on the orange on the Florida plates and I always really liked it. Or you can get one of those new Jesus plates, google it, it's crazy.

Becky - Thanks to you too! And giving up a Hawaii license would be hard.

Jesse - Not necessarily, but in comparison with the scared shitless majority here, California driver seem amazingly adept. Plus, I think Washington drivers are scared of California drivers. I liked that.

Greg - I'm so glad that my time in Indiana was short, I'd hate to have those plates.

James - Yep, that was me. It's OK, I might've deserved it.

Jenifer said...

Those people never exactly made me think "professional driver" when I saw them...

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