Hi, My Name is Brandon, I Fucked Up Earth Day

Posted by Brandon |

To celebrate Earth Day today, I took a 35 mile round trip drive to go for a four mile walk, forgot about a load of laundry in the washer that grew a little stench and had to be rewashed, left the kitchen and dining room lights on despite not being here and left a DVD running on a loop all day.

Suck on that Earth!


Whit said...

I knew it was you. You broke my heart.

kapgar said...

You're a bad, bad man! Mother Nature? She gonna spank your ass.

Gibson-US said...


Did you see my comment on the post below? You owe me 20 bucks for the NCAA basketball pool and I'm finding it hard to believe that you are apparently ignoring my emails. You seem like a good guy. What gives?