Invest Wisely

Posted by Brandon |

This is a dramatization of a license plate frame that I saw tonight on the back of a Saturn VUE. There are just far too many things wrong with this to even get into.


Hilly said...

Were their tags really from 2004? That makes it so much more ironic if so!

Avitable said...

I like that plate. I think there's nothing worse than adults who start acting miserly so that their kids will have an inheritance. They should enjoy their lives to the fullest.

If my parents have something left after their ski trips and homes and activities and everything, awesome. If not, I'm glad they got to enjoy the money that they earned themselves.

Brandon said...

Hilly - thank you for pointing out my lack of attention to detail, much like our friends with this license plate frame.

Avitable - I agree. But read it again. I'm just saying that they may have wanted to spend that inheritance on a grammar check.

Avitable said...

Okay, yeah. I didn't actually read it other than skimming it.


August said...

Seriously laughing out loud. If the inheritance only gets him a Vue... I don't think the children(s) had much to look forward to anyway ;|

Karl said...

Love it, great plate.