Return Your Carts!

Posted by Brandon |

I just want to thank the lady that I saw today in the Target parking lot who took the time to maneuver around five rogue shopping carts and between two cars to the front side of the return just so that she could properly put away her shopping cart. It isn't everyday that you see such an effort anymore and I think she needs to be commended.

I believe that leaving your shopping cart any damn place you feel like is almost at the top of the list of lazy, bullshit things to do. Typically you don't have to go more than 50 feet to return a cart and yet I still see people going to extraordinary lengths to not put a cart in it's right place.

One of the newest things I've seen is people propping the cart up onto a curb or even lifting the entire cart into a curb planter, expending way more energy than pushing it gently to a return. The other day someone propped their cart onto a curb so that the ass end of the cart was directly behind my car. Not only were they being lazy but they purposely created work for me. So instead of returning one cart, like I always do, I returned two carts. One for me and one for the big asshole that couldn't do it himself.

I have seen super athletic people who look like they have just come from the gym all of a sudden get lazy and push their cart in the middle of the parking spot next to them. I have seen mothers tell their children to "just shove it over there". I have seen people within 10 feet of a cart return wedge their cart between the front of their car and the car opposite of them taking extra time and effort to not scratch the paint on their brand new Mercedes.

So when I see someone else give an exasperated sigh at the five rogue carts parked on the wrong side of a cart return and then purposely go out of their way to make sure that their cart got into the return, it warms my heart. There aren't too many people left that would make such a Herculean effort, but at least I know that there is me and that fine example of a human being that I witnessed today. Thank you.