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After the debacle that was my softball game last week, I should have expected some fallout. But I could have never predicted just how far I would fall. Tonight, I started at catcher (the absolute worst position in slow-pitch softball) and batted dead last. I then was subbed out in the third inning and sat the bench for two innings before returning to play right field.

But I showed them that last week was a fluke. I had a base hit and drove in a run in my first at-bat, grounded out in my second but somehow managed to move the runner from second all the way home, beat out yet another grounder in my third at-bat, and finally drove in two runs with a single to center in the top of the seventh. Plus, someone else struck out tonight, taking all of the attention off of my two strikeouts last week. I also made a bare handed catch of a foul ball while playing catcher that ended a rally.

So, things went much better this week. Ater being demoted I responded very well. I wonder if that will win me any points with the coach and maybe I can move out of the nether regions of softball defense at catcher and right field.

Oh yeah, I'm also going to start taking my camera to games so that I can bring you a new weekly feature at Down With Pants! "Super Serious Rec League Softball Player of the Week". I wish I had my camera tonight for the guy with the tight baseball pants, stirrups, elbow guard and spec goggles who stepped out after every pitch to adjust his batting gloves, clean his bat and size up the defense. I love these guys. They make playing rec league softball worthwhile.