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We just got home from seeing Super Diamond, a Neil Diamond tribute band. The show was great except for one unfortunate part...

It kind of got ugly, but we all cooled out and it turned out OK.

By the way, concerts anymore to me feel like the end of a soccer game. You're up 1-0 , you're out of breath, your legs are tired and you know that it must be getting close to the end and at that point all you want is for the game to end and you can all go home happy. But of course the game seems to go on FOREVER and FOREVER and all you can do is push on through and keep praying that you'll hear that whistle and they'll finally play "Sweet Caroline".


Catherine said...

I have Forever in Blue Jeans on my iPod. I've seen Neil Diamond in concert and I've gotta tell ya, he blew me away, it was a great experience. :)

marty mankins said...

There's this Neil Diamond knock-off named Jay White. Every year right before the 4th of July, he comes to Taylorsville Dayzz event (the multiple ZZZ's is a Utah thing). I tell you, this guy is good. He even dresses up like Neil.

BTW, more details on what was ugly. Was it pretty much that Will Ferrell dialog, word for word?

Brandon said...

Catherine - I was just telling my wife that his last tour, apparently, wasn't great because he did mostly songs off of his new Rick Ruben produced 12 Songs, in which Ruben got him to do songs kind of like Johnny Cash did with American Recordings. Heard it was dreadfully boring. You want the glitz and showmanship of Diamond, joke or not, not introspection.

Marty - Jazz, Buzz, Starzz...geezz there are so many more I could name. And I was kidding about the incident, nothing like that actually happened, though it would've been funny.