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So I turned 32 years-old last week and I have to say that I had a great birthday week. But a couple of things also happened this week that really didn't make for such a happy birthday and have left me feeling old despite not really being old.

First off, my lower back has been really sore all week long. I think it's because I did a few new exercises on the Wii Fit that worked a few muscles that haven't been worked in a really long time. Whatever the cause, my back has been messed up, I walked around Seattle and Portland gingerly and I'm getting a little tired of smelling like Icy Hot all day. It felt a little bit better today but I've got a doctor's appointment on Thursday just in case it's not getting any better by then.

Secondly, I got cut from my soccer team. Yep, you read that right. I got cut from my 30-and-over, beginners division, rec-league soccer team. I got an email on Sunday from the captain saying that they had too many people on the team and that there wouldn't be a spot for me for the upcoming season. He said the players that he's keeping are all guys that are his neighbors or have connections to other guys on the team. And while that sounds good, I know it's not totally true. He was just being nice. I got let go because I'm not very good. If I were good, I'd still be on the team no matter my relationship with the guys, I'm sure.

In the past, something like this would make me stop playing. I've never been one to buckle down and rally when facing adversity. When I got cut from my baseball team in 7th grade (the only year they ever made cuts) I stopped playing baseball - I never played organized baseball again. When I turned 16 and I failed my driving test (guy said I made a California stop, which was bullshit since I had to wait for a ton of cars) I didn't even drive for another four or five months. When I got let go from the Richmond Roosters I stopped working in baseball.

But I really liked playing soccer despite not being very good. I was getting better every game and I want to continue to play especially since it feels like a sport that I could play for years and years to come. Plus, I'm a little pissed off. I think I'd like to play in the same league and try to make them pay for cutting me. So I have a couple feelers out and hopefully I'll land a team before the season starts next week.

Anyway, I guess I'm having a big ole pity party. 32 really isn't old by any means. I just felt really old all week. A bad back and getting the boot off a soccer team on my birthday sure doesn't make me feel young.


Becky said...

For your back, maybe try a chiropracter? I started going to one two months ago for a sore/tight back, shoulders and neck and I've felt so much better (Ted goes too and loves it).

For the cutting, that really sucks, esp. since it was supposed to be just for fun. I'm not good at sports either, but I give you props for wanting to find another team.

Catherine said...

Boy freakin' howdy is it nice to hear someone else say that. I have never been one to buckle down and rally in the face of adversity, either. I'm not one of those feisty oh-YEAH?-I'll-prove-you-all-wrong, then!!! people, not at all. I think I've been criticized and/or put down by people who wanted or were expecting me to react that way, to rebel and practice harder, get more determined. And when I didn't, they figured I didn't have enough gumption to warrant any further faith or hope. I don't know about you, but I respond much better to straight up encouragement. I guess I tend to take people and results seriously and literally. If they say, 'um, yeah, so you're not very good at that', then I'll probably walk away and try something else. I'm not making a value judgment here and now about this kind of tendency, but I'm just offering my being able to relate to you there. I don't hear anybody admit to that, and right or wrong, good or bad, it's damn refreshing to hear. Thanks.

Whit said...

In all fairness, it's kind of old. Happy belated!

MC said...

Oh totally join another team... spite is a good motivator sometimes.

marty mankins said...

Happy 32nd.

Sorry to hear you got cut. That seems a bit much. I mean, i understand the age thing, but you would think there would be some grandfathered clause (not a dig at your age, which at 32, you are 13 years younger than me, so to me, you are a young'n) that would allow you to stay on the team.

Hope you can find another team that accepts older (but still younger) players.