Go Cougs?

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On Saturday I caught the last few minutes of the Arizona State/Washington State basketball game. They finished regulation tied 43-43 and went to overtime. Wazzu was down 49-48 when senior Taylor Rochestie, playing the last home game of his career, hit a game winning three pointer with 2.3 seconds to play. When he hit the shot, I - a hardcore Washington Huskies fan - screamed at the top of my lungs and clapped my hands. It was a great shot and the celebration that followed was awesome to watch.

Minutes later, I texted my Cougar friend to see if he had watched it or had it on DVR...

DWP! - "Did you watch your Cougs?"

J-McG - "Man oh man. What a great game. It honestly brought tears to my eyes. Next week should be a good one for sure" (WSU plays the Huskies on Saturday)

DWP! - "I screamed when he hit that bucket, and when he celebrated with his moms, that got me too."

J-McG - "I knew you had a soft spot for the Cougs"

It's true, I do have a soft spot for the Cougs. Hell, I almost went to school there, in fact I was accepted twice but things just didn't work out. I root for them whenever they aren't playing the Huskies...or whenever they aren't playing someone else I root for.

Here's kind of how my rooting for the Cougs breaks down. I will root for the Cougars if they aren't playing one of these teams (in order of how I would root for them if they played each other)...

  • Washington Huskies
  • Bowling Green Falcons
  • Gonzaga Bulldogs
  • Cornell Big Red
  • North Thurston Rams
  • Evergreen Geoducks
  • Saint Martin's Saints
  • Ventura College Pirates
  • Green River CC Gators
  • Washington - Bothell or Tacoma campus intramural rec-league champions
  • UC Santa Barbara Gauchos
  • Seattle Pacific Falcons
  • Ithaca College Bombers
  • Edmonds CC Tritons
  • Linfield Wildcats
  • Western Washington Vikings
  • Central Washington Wildcats
  • Seattle University Redhawks
  • Earlham College Quakers
  • Cal State Northridge Matadors
  • Elmira College Soaring Eagles
So yeah, as you can see, I really have a soft spot for those Cougs.


Catherine said...

I have an away-from-home soft spot for the Cougs, like if I see someone here in L.A. wearin' that Burgundy hoodie, I will stop and totally hit their fist and say boo-yaah, go Cougs. But when I'm home, it's the Huskies all the way.

I love your list and how you have all the priorities all in order. You are hard core!