Fish & Street Meat

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I love Vancouver! This is the view from our hotel room. We 're right downtown within walking distance to nearly everything and although the room is a little out of date, it's still nice enough for us and there is tons of room for Addie to crawl around and you can't beat it for the price.

Our first stop of the day was the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park. It's easily one our favorite aquariums that we've ever visited. It's maybe not as big as the Boston Aquarium or has as many touch tanks as the aquarium in Long Beach, but the Beluga Whales, the dolphins and the above Amazon exhibit make up for what it's missing. The fish in the picture above are HUGE. Addie loved these things despite absolutely dwarfing her and looking like dinosaurs.

She also loved the Harbor Seals. They are very much like puppies of the sea. I love them too.

Then our foodie tour of Vancouver began. It started down near Granville Island with a stop at Go Fish Ocean Emporium. This little tiny shack with a handful of seats makes the best fish-n-chips. And the fish tacones - basically big old super delicious fish tacos - are arguably the best fish tacos that I've found since moving from SoCal and they even rivaled those in flavor. The fish was so fresh...

...as it should be considering that when you turn around, there is most likely the boats that caught it. Even Addie loved it. She ate her first fish, a little bit of halibut and a little bit of salmon.

We then went shopping at the amazing Granville Public Market where Death? bought a bunch of cheese and salami from her favorite cheese and meat stand, Oyama Sausage Company. We also had the greatest piece of chocolate ever from Rogers' Chocolates. I think I would kill for another Ice Wine Truffle right now.

Later, we ended up getting some street meat for dinner. But this is no average hot dog stand. No, this is Japa Dog...

Japanese style hot dogs with things like teriyaki sauce, miso, nori, radishes, diakon sprouts, fish flakes, black hog sausage...it was all so good. We had to get one of all the specialties even though it was a lot of food.

So there you have it, our first day in Vancouver. We've barely even scratched the surface of this town yet, luckily we have been here a lot in the past so we don't need to see everything and we have to take it easy because of Addie. If tomorrow is nice we're going to bike around Stanley Park before heading to the Canucks game.

Did I mention I love Vancouver?


B.E. Earl said...

Sidewalk eateries in the middle of winter in Canada? Man, I know nothing about Vancouver!

Brandon said...

BE Earl - Vancouver is only about 100 miles north of Seattle. It's the same climate...40's and 50's and rainy in the winter and then beautiful summers.

Becky said...

I feel like I need to eat my lunch early now, after reading this post. I've only been up there once so far and we had a great time -- I want to try to get up there again this year. We also wound up Yelping for our places to eat it and it worked out well.

marty mankins said...

Wow. cool pics. I've never been to Vancouver, well the Rose Gardens... but not to downtown or taking in the town like you and your family did.

Those japanese dogs look tasty.

Neil said...

Vancouver is such a pretty, civilized city. I want to go just for those Japanese hot dogs.

alphadaddy said...

I just read your Yelp review of your hotel...That's where WE stayed in March, '07 when we went with Charlie.

I wouldn't have thought about it, except you mentioned the heat in the room: Here was our experience.