Clap Happy

Posted by Brandon |

Tonight we all watched Obama's State of the Union speech Congressional Address, including little Addie May.

Addie loves to clap now, especially when other people are clapping. And if there is one thing that the State of the Union Congressional Address is, it's definitely a festival of clapping. Good god, do our representatives love to throw some claps down. The applause is always off the charts at a State of the Union. So whenever Obama said something great and the place got all clap happy - and he said a lot of clap happy things tonight - Addie started pounding her little hands together like crazy.

Now, I know that if she were able to clap last year or the seven years prior, she probably would've been clapping no matter what sludge came out of George W. Bush's mouth. But to see her sitting there, watching Barack Obama give his first State of the Union Congressional Address, clapping along to universal health care or whatever, it made me very, very proud and very hopeful and very thankful that we finally have someone in office that I have no problem with my one year old daughter giving a round of applause to.

So thank you Barack Obama and thank you America for sparing me the absolute shame and horror that I would've felt had we been watching our little girl clapping along to George W. Bush or John McCain's State of the Union speech.


B.E. Earl said...

Was it a State of the Union? I thought Presidents usually waited a year before they held one of those.

The screen on the bottom just called it a Congressional Address. I dunno...I'm confused.

Brandon said...

BE Earl - You're right, I totally forgot that it wasn't technically a State of the Union. It might as well have been one.

Iron Fist said...

I hope Addie gets to clap along with Obama's speeches throughout her childhood. And man do I hope things start looking better for our nation soon.