Top Chef Recap **SPOILER ALERT**

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Right away, Hosea is wearing an I (Heart) Padma t-shirt and as soon as it comes on, a little advertisement flies across the screen to get your own I (Heart) Padma t-shirt at the Bravo website. Ugh. I also found a Team Rainbow t-shirt over there. Double-Ugh.

How many of us hours before this episode aired had something made from a can or package for dinner? Look, I know they aren't quality ingredients, but to just be outraged in the way that these "chefs" were when the challenge was revealed was ridiculous. For me, if I were on there, the random crazy challenges would be the most fun. Just doing haute cuisine every time would be boring as a competitor, don't you think?

Anyway, was it just me or was this the most boring episode of the entire season so far? Hung added nothing, the supposed drama wasn't very interesting, the upper-class white folks posing as farmers were off-putting and Toby Young's zingers were just stupid. The only remotely interesting part was Arianne getting the boot.

I think that Arianne probably deserved to go based on this meal alone - though Radhika and the dead-to-me lovebirds all could easily have gone because of their lack of effort, but I would still eat any meat dish that Arianne made over all of the others. Except for that lamb, every piece of meat that she cooked over the course of the show was cooked perfectly. I want her to make my turkey, cook my steak, lamb chops...whatever.


Tracy Lynn said...

I am so sick of those two love birds that I would willingly pull off their toenails.

Sugarwilla said...

Hello! Netchick/Tanya sent me! I will be back to read your blog!

d.challener roe said...

Don't watch the show. But then I don't watch much TV.

NetChick sent me...

(Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog.)

Becky said...

We skip through all the crap at home, so I wasn't really aware of what was going on with those two -- but damn, did you see what's going on in the next episode?

I felt bad for Arianne, since those two obviously could've helped out and made the meal more of a success-- but as Tom said, if she can't butcher and tie a piece of lamb correctly, then she shouldn't be there anyway. It just showed me that Hosea and Leah (esp. Leah) won't make it to the end.

Poppy said...

I hate to burst a bubble here, but there is a segment of the farming population that are EXACTLY like them. I think it's more of an East coast thing. In Vermont there are a lot of them. I think their families have money but they farm because they want to, it is their passion. It seems to be the more organic farmers who fit that mold.

That episode was extremely boring, though. :)