Diet Dr. Pepper Top Chef Recap **SPOILER ALERT**

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Despite being excited for the return of Top Chef from what seemed like an unbelievably long hiatus, I was half-asleep during the episode so some of the thoughts I had during the show have already escaped me - I need to start taking some notes.

By the way...did I mention that this post is sponsored by Diet Dr. Pepper? This is the Diet Dr. Pepper Top Chef Recap - the Diet Dr. Pepper Top Chef Recap that tastes more like Regular Dr Pepper. Diet Dr. Pepper and Down With Pants!...There's nothing diet about it!

First of all, did anyone else think that it looked like a lot of people got into fights? Everybody looked bruised and battered. Fisticuffs may have broken out in the house and we were not informed. What gives?

So Radhika wins immunity in the Diet Dr. Pepper Quickfire Challenge by making bread pudding, which isn't Indian, so I find it odd that we didn't hear about how she doesn't want be to be known as the one that makes Indian food. Usually, we hear her say that she doesn't want to be known as the one that makes Indian food...and then she goes off and makes Indian food. It's like clockwork.

Hold on for one second...**click, fizz**....Mmmm, Diet Dr. Pepper. It's like there's a chocolate cake in my mouth but without the chocolate cake. Now, let's return to the Diet Dr. Pepper Top Chef Recap.

Following the Diet Dr. Pepper Quickfire Challenge, Tom tells them to make to make one kickass family style dish. My first thought when I heard that of course was fish tacos! I mean, it had to have been yours too, right? Any rational person with bangs that cover their eyes and no clue how to cook would automatically pick fish tacos - that's why I did.

Mmmm...did I mention how much Diet Dr. Pepper tastes like regular Dr. Pepper?

So predictably, Bangs - the non-chef that the producers set up to get kicked off first (my theory) but then got lucky for a few weeks - finally got the boot. And Eugene, oh Eugene, oh Diet Dr. Pepper Eugene, also got sent packing - which was also easily predictable not only because of his bad food but because they showed him talking to his family. That's the Diet Dr. Pepper kiss of death.


Anonymous said...

I was confused, which diet soda product was the sponsor of the show and the commercials and the need to cut her damn bangs?

Becky said...

I knew it would be those two to go, just by the way Carla answered their questions -- they like the ones that can tell what they should've done differently and really own up to what their mistakes might have been. Even though Eugene may be more "out there," he still wasn't cooking his food well and there was no way his skills were going to improve in the few weeks they were filming the series.

Replicant said...

Melissa had to go. How she made it that long was a complete mystery. I was hoping Carla would go instead of Eugene but I'm thinking it won't take long for her to get axed.

I actually like Radhika. And Stefan. Yes Stefan. Maybe it's because I have a thing for Finland.

Poppy said...

Bangs really shouldn't have made it past episode 1, you're right...