Baby Dreams

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Since Addie was born, I've been thinking about baby dreams. Don't you think that the dreams that babies have must be totally and completely crazy? They don't have language, they don't really know what the things they see everyday are or what is real and what isn't real and they have no idea of narratives and whatnot. They must just be jumbles of images all mixed up together.

Example: yesterday we went to the zoo and Addie was totally taken with the gorillas and the Willawong Station - which is one of those walk-in bird cages where the lorikeets and other tropical birds fly around and land on you and eat feed sticks that you offer them. Combine those two things - baby gorillas and thousands of birds flying around - with her favorite commercials on TV - the Lectric Shave commercial where the guys face is on his whiskers and those NoStankYou.com commercials - and her dreams have to be super trippy.

Those things mess up my dreams sometimes and I totally understand them. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have those floating around in your head without any way to tie them together.


whall said...

Actually, I think they have normal dreams. Ours are the ones befuddled by language, labels, prejudices, logic and earthly experience.

Babies still dream in pure energy, thought, love and good happiness stuff.

Brandon said...

Whall - I've never noticed anything like nightmares so what you say is probably true. There isn't too much that she doesn't like so it's probably just happy thoughts of all those images.

Dr. Karen said...

actually, most babies (toddlers) are found to have more nightmares when they are anxious about something..
you can find that article in my blog www.boomeryearbook09.blogspot.com or at www.boomeryearbook.com

Carmi said...

I'm afraid to analyze my own dreams. I suspect they'd confirm what I've suspected all along: that I'm certifiable!

Thanks for the smile. Your blog is a delight. Found you via Tanya's but will be back on my own again.