Aryan Nation

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Now that I am unemployed I have the opportunity to watch the greatest game show of all time, The Price Is Right, featuring what should be the oldest man on the face of the earth, Bob Barker. I haven't watched The Price Is Right in years so I am having to get used to the inflated prices of the prizes. I remember when $6,000 was a high bid for a showcase.

Today's show featured a blue-eyed, blonde haired young man by the name of Aryan who won himself a car. Aryan? As in aryan race or aryan nation? This sounds like a word that should be avoided at all costs especially if you are naming your whiter-than-white baby boy.

Just like the swastika the name Aryan has another, more noble, Eastern religious meaning but was unjustly used by the Nazis. But that still doesn't make it ok as a baby name. You don't hear the last name Hitler anymore and maybe you shouldn't hear the first name Aryan anymore.

Unless the kids name is Aryan Hitler. That's a double negative and they cancel each other out.

So congratulations Aryan Hitler on your big win on The Price Is Right! You will look sharp driving the streets of Sandpoint, Idaho in that little number.


Sandpoint Idaho Dreamin' said...

Isn't it a bit strange you name Sandpoint Idaho and connect it with you racist comments? When I first moved to North Idaho I saw the media go crazy about the march of the world headquarters of the Aryan Nations was having in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. When it actually came down to it there were about 8 or maybe 12 guys walking down the street. There were hundreds of news staff and TV crews.

That was in 1988. The same summer there was a march of local folks in the area who don't believe the same. This was no world headquarters march mind you. There were about 3,000 people who showed up to voice their beliefs by marching from Coeur d'Alene to Hayden.

I don't suppose you saw much media coverage of that. It just disgusts me when people who know nothing about our beautiful area drop every person who lives here in some basket. When you use such broad generalities you're no better than any racist person. Think about it.