Ten Things About Our Weekend Trip

Posted by Brandon |

As I mentioned before, we made a trip up the California coast this weekend and had a great time exploring the area. Here are ten things about said trip...

1. Hearst Castle is even more amazing than I expected. If you have ever been to Disneyland you have seen how ever single inch of the property is themed. Hearst Castle is just like that, but with art and gold instead of cartoons. It is absolutely gorgeous and opulent to the extreme. I would have given my right arm for an invitation to hang with old W.R.

2. Morro Bay isn't a typical California resort town. It is cheesy tourist rather than upscale boutique. Although I don't care for cheesy tourist that much, it was refreshing to be in a town like that away from the rich yuppies that frequent the boutique cities up and down the coast.

3. Don't you hate it when you have a really shitty meal on vacation? We had an awful lunch on Saturday (how do you mess up fish and chips or chili?) and I felt bad about it the rest of the day. Especially since we discovered the amazing amount of tasty options up the road in Cambria.

4. We made up for the shitty lunch by having an amazing dinner at
The Sow's Ear in Cambria. Death? had one of the best Filet Mignons I have ever tasted and I had Macaroni and Cheese with chicken and andouille sausage and we shared an awesome plate of brie, almonds, bread and apples. I highly recommend The Sow's Ear if you are in the area.

5. I love driving through rural areas in the dark when it is clear and there is a full moon. There is something about being on a highway by yourself when all you can see is the outline of the mountains in the distance and the highway in front of you. If you can find a radio station playing old blues or jazz or something soft like that it is even better.

6. Speaking of radio, one of the radio stations was giving away a trip to see one of the weirdest concert lineups ever. Metallica is opening up for the Rolling Stones in San Francisco tomorrow night (and last night). What's next? I heard that Snoop Dog will be opening for Garth Brooks on his Wal-Mart tour.

7. Do I suddenly like wine? We did a little wine tasting around Paso Robles on Sunday. Typically when we go wine tasting Death? drinks and I drive mainly because I don't like wine. But I did some tastings at a couple of places and really enjoyed the majority of what I drank. Man, I am getting old.

8. I peed in
earth's greatest urinal located at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.

9. We saw the ultimate pair of Uggs on a 40 year-old woman who was attempting to look 18 and failing miserably. I hate Uggs with a passion. Why anyone would wear them, especially in California, is beyond me. Uggs have got to go! Now!

10. 75 degrees at the coast and 80 degrees inland on November 13th. I guess this is the reason people live in California. Long live the Central Coast!