Hey Everybody! It's PEE GUY!!!

Posted by Brandon |


(SEATTLE, WA) - The entire staff at Down With Pants! publishing and industries is proud to announce that our search for a spokesperson and mascot has finally concluded and today we are pleased as punch to introduce the new face of Down With Pants! publishing and industries...PEE GUY!

Pee Guy is a dynamic figure of amazing integrity, judgement and weak bladder that will spread his love across the entire blogosphere bringing joy and gladness to everyone that he touches. We are flattered and amazed that he is willing to bring his enormous talents to DWP! publishing and industries and help further the cause and mission that DWP! publishing and industries was founded upon.

Pee Guy's goals will be simple yet complex. He will work tirelessly to spread his goodwill on everyone involved in and assosciated with DWP! publishing and industries as well as help identify future partners and others sympathetic to our cause across the world wide web and beyond.

Already Pee Guy's hard work has been felt around DWP! publishing and industries. Pee Guy has already created his "Pee Guy Tested, Pee Guy Approved" campaign that will reward friends of DWP! publishing and industries. He also invites everybody to join in by linking to DWP! and adding the "Pee Guy Tested, Pee Guy Approved" button to their website. He also invites bloggers to email him at downwithpants@gmail.com or leave a comment to have your website considered for the "Pee Guy Tested, Pee Guy Approved" campaign and possibly receive a customized seal of approval from Pee Guy himself.

This is an exciting time here at Down With Pants! publishing and industries and we thank all of you for helping us further our cause and hope that you will continue to support DWP! publishing and industries, the first (and hopefully not the last) website to receive the "Pee Guy Tested, Pee Guy Approved" seal of approval!

***By the way, just wanted to make it clear that Archie McPhee and Accoutrements (the retailer and manufacturer of Pee Guy) have absolutely nothing to do with this supposed to be funny campaign and do not endorse my blog or any other items or blogs that Pee Guy may end up endorsing. I just really like Pee Guy. If anyone from those companies sees this and has a problem, please by all means contact me ASAP and I will have no problem ceasing and desisting. There, that should cover my butt.***