Me and Fred

Posted by Brandon |

As I left the house this morning for work Death? yelled at me,"have a great day Fred Durst!". This is just about the last thing that I want to hear as I'm walking out the house because, as Michael Bolton said so eloquently in Office Space about Michael Bolton, he is a no talent ass-clown.

I was wearing my red Mexico City Diablos Rojos hat and a black hooded sweatshirt (shown above thanks to the magic of MS Paint). When I dress like this I suppose I do look a little bit like Fred Durst. Really anytime I wear a red hat and a black piece of clothing I resemble his dumb ass.

I noticed this resemblance years ago when Limp Bizkit was getting popular but I kept it to myself afraid that if anyone else knew they'd mock me mercilessly. Unfortunately Death? and I were walking around the NY State Fair in Syracuse when a hard rock radio station DJ broadcasting live stopped me as we were walking by and asked "hey Fred Durst, mind if we have an interview." I just snarled something nasty at him as I kept walking but the seed was planted in Death?'s mind and knowing my hatred of Limp Bizkit and Fred she has never let me live it down.


Juanita said...

Seriously though, better Durst than, say... Kid Rock. Right? I mean, based on looks alone. Er, nevermind.