Have a Votergasm

Posted by Brandon |


Every election year a ton of groups step forward to try to get people to vote. One of the most creative groups to come forward in this election year is the folks at Votergasm.org. On this website there are some informative pictorials about political action like how to vote absentee or contact your elected official. You can also register to vote on the site and you can also take a pledge to have a "Votergasm" on election night. I took the American Hero pledge. I pledged "to have sex with a voter on election night and withhold sex from non-voters for the next four years." Of course I'm getting married so the second part of the pledge shouldn't be very hard unless something goes wrong and she doesn't vote in which case I'll be screwed (or not screwed as the case may be. sorry, I'm full of puns today). So far they say that over 15,000 people have signed a pledge on the site which means you'd better vote. It's better to be safe than sorry.