The Starship Victoria

Posted by Brandon |

Yesterday afternoon I took my 1996 Ford Escort Wagon into the shop to get some work done on it. It's been acting a little bit strange for the past couple of weeks and needed to be checked out. I was recommended a mechanic by a co-worker so I took it there. Since this mechanic is in Lynnwood and I live in Seattle I needed to get a rental car. I chose this mechanic in part because they have on site rentals available.

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine what car I would end up driving. I currently am rolling in a 1985 (a vintage year) Ford Crown Victoria LTD, the Starship of all cars. It is the classic definition of a land yacht. It is a pleasure to drive. It has the power and authority that I so have desired for many years.


However, as I exited the car and strode proudly into work I chuckled and looked back at the Starship and my jaw dropped in horror. All of this time I was driving around town with a "Protect Human Life" sticker on my back bumper. You know the one, it has the two blue heads.


So I walked inside work and grabbed myself a big black sharpie marker and blacked it out.


The mechanic called earlier this morning and broke the bad news. My car needs a new heater core which will run me about $465. This is a major repair but the car is still drivable. So after contemplating what to do with my car it came down to one thing. The sticker. Do I want to give my money to a company who lets one of their rental cars drive around with this sticker on it or should I try to find someone else? So, I'll be picking my car up and leaving the Starship behind complete with a blacked out sticker. My little escape pod and I will journey the galaxy to find ourselves a mechanic with a little less conservative values and a rental car that isn't so damn big.