Worst Case Scenario

Posted by Brandon |

So I have been saying for a couple of months now to close personal friends that there is a worst case scenario floating through my brain in regards to the upcoming elections and the future of George W. Bush and our country as a whole. Well, this past week a step was taken in confirming that this worst case scenario could possibly come true.

The worst case scenario is that there will be a terrorist attack or at least a very, very serious threat against our country on or leading up to election day. As a result to this attack or threat, Bush will declare martial law and declare that no elections can be held due to the instability of our nation thus giving him ultimate power in deciding when to actually hold elections if at all.

On Thursday Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge issued a strange and vague warning that Al Qaeda was moving forward with plans to disrupt the November elections saying "We lack precise knowledge about time, place and method of attack..."

Maybe it won't go to my worst case scenario, but warnings like these are incredibly political. This was a campaign move if there ever was one. The Bush/Cheney camp will use any means necessary to win re-election and if that means scaring the bejesus out of everybody not voting for him, then so be it. Isn't this kind of like what terrorists do? Scaring the opposition out of their normal routine and creating incredible fear to want change.

It hasn't scared me and it won't scare me. No matter how unimpressed I am with John Kerry and John Edwards I will risk terrorist attacks to get this jackass out of the White House. I just pray that we don't suffer any more terrorist attacks from within the Oval Office that won't allow us to knock his sorry ass back to Texas.