Down With Poopy Pants?

Posted by Brandon |

Don't worry, Down With Pants! will be back, I'm not going away. It's just that right now my time at home consists of, when she's awake, holding her and playing with her and when she's asleep, holding her and letting her sleep on me. I just don't want to put her down and do anything else yet. In fact, the last two hours were spent uploading pictures, checking email and attempting to write a blog post with her sleeping on my chest. The only reason I'm able to finish this post is because she got hungry and I don't really have anything to offer her in that respect.

The question is, does Down With Pants! become Down With Poopy Pants! - the daddy blog or do I try to keep the daddy posts to a minimum? I haven't quite decided yet. My life is going to be non-stop daddy stuff so I should write what I know about, but then again, it would be nice to have a non-daddy outlet in this blog.

Either way, if you want to see a bunch of pictures of us, head on over to my Flickr set here.


kapgar said...

You do whatever feels right. No need to declare one way or the other. If you feel a daddy post coming on, you write it up. If you want to rant about stupid people, do so. If you want to tell us about another movie that makes you cry like a simpering baby, go for it. Why pigeonhole yourself?

August said...

first of all... what a cutie... and the baby is adorable too ... hee hee... seriously, i love pics of daddies with their babies... I have so many pics of my honey with ours because I just can't resist.

To answer your question though, the thing is... being a daddy is part of your new identity and so my 2cents is to keep your blog you which means a little bit of everything, be it sports, irony, sappy movie reviews, daddy posts... and all the other things that make you... YOU.

I love the post title though... why is the word "poopy" cute when it comes to babies ?

Avitable said...

You should definitely write about your new kid. She's part of your life now.

Anonymous said...

Have I sad how adorbale she is? Okay, I will say it again and again!

That being said, I think that you should blog about whatever you want to. Mix it up just the way Whit does or other Daddies do! Your life is going to change so of course your blog should :)

Miss Britt said...

What Kapgar said.

I bet you'll be surprised as time goes on how much non-daddy stuff you still want to talk about.

Karl said...

I think "Down with Pants" is still perfectly appropriate. Even if it means down with the baby's pants 20 times a day so you can change her diaper.

Brandon said...

I think you guys feel the same way I do about it. Mix it up, write about whatever comes up whether it be the kid or whatever.

I guess the real question is do I post picture and stuff like that? I've decided I'm not comfortable posting pictures, especially when she gets a little bit older and more recognizable.

No offense to the daddy or mommy Bloggers that post pictures, I just don't think it's a great idea to do so. For those of you that want to see pictures, you know where to go.