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Other than the joy of being a father, the one thing that I discovered while I was off for nearly two weeks while Death? was giving birth and for the first week of our babies life is that there is one kick-ass game show on in the middle of the day.

No, I'm not talking about the bastardized version of The Price Is Right and the totally uncomfortable Drew Carey. Seriously Drew, quit asking people if they want to say hi to anybody while they are spinning the wheel. They almost always forget about the wheel and nearly miss what they land on. And the less talking a Price Is Right contestant can do, the better.

Nope, I'm talking about Merv Griffin's Crosswords. Hosted by the dreamy/creepy Ty Treadway, Crosswords is exactly what it sounds like. It's a fast paced game that starts with two contestants. Those two contestants get clues for words and the first person to ring in, say the word and spell the word, gets the dollars. After the first commercial break, three spoiler contestants are brought in and if the main two contestants don't answer correctly, the spoilers get a chance to take their place. In a couple of the shows that I watched, a contestant was rocking it, kicking ass and taking names, building a huge pot of money only to lose their spot at the last second and that spoiler contestant ends up winning the whole thing after answering only one question right. Unforgiving game shows, that's what I love.

In this day and age when game shows consist of five super easy questions spread out over an hour, it is so refreshing to find a game in which we solve an entire crossword puzzle in 30 minutes. And it's very easy to play along at home - the questions are relatively easy since they want people to answer them quickly so you get to feel smart and feel challenged a little bit. It's kind of like watching the Teen Tournament on Jeopardy. It's hard, but easy all at the same time.

I just signed up to be on the show, we'll see how that goes. I'm not too bad at the game when watching it, but my crossword skills otherwise are pretty rough. I finished the easy Monday LA Times crossword today, but the Tuesday version really messed me up and that's just the second most difficult one of the week. I can't even imagine how few words I would get on the Friday puzzle.

Anyway, I'm bummed I can't watch it anymore, I need a TV in the office. I'm looking forward to my six weeks off later so I can watch Crosswords. Oh and to spend time with my daughter - that too. To find out when Crosswords is on in your market, click here and enjoy!


Karl said...

Yeah, I watched an episode once. Found it too easy. And I don't usually do the crossword puzzles.

Rattling The Kettle said...

I spent a good 38% of my 2 weeks of paternity leave reading I Am Charlotte Simmons. Damn, that was a long book.

It may also be the last piece of serious fiction I've read. Lack of time. Fatherhood does that.