Baseball Opens Season - Did You Notice?

Posted by Brandon |

Major League Baseball opened it's season on Sunday evening with Baltimore knocking off Boston 7-2 and yet Down With Pants! barely even noticed. Actually the season kicked off earlier that week when Tampa Bay and the Yankees split a series in Japan. Everybody else had their opener either on Monday except for some who opened today.

This staggered opening days in baseball is absolute garbage. Only the braintrust at Major League Baseball could possibly screw up something as important as this. The first games of the season took place in Japan meaning that nobody saw them since they started at 2:00 AM. Sunday's game was barely noticed over the hype and talk concerning the NCAA Championship game. Then on Monday, when every other sport has the sense to take the night off instead of compete with the championship game baseball decides it would rather be the second story (or maybe even the third) on every sports report nationwide. Figure Skating was on ESPN while the Giants/Astros and A's/Rangers were on ESPN2 so that when the basketball game ended they could interrupt and start Sportscenter immediately. Hell, even today baseball had to take a back seat to the Women's NCAA Championship game. Nothing says national pastime like being bumped to ESPN2 by figure skating and women's basketball (Hooray for Connecticut by the way).

Baseball is DWP!'s favorite sport, but sometimes it's hard to like Major League Baseball. They manage to do everything wrong all the time. I can't forsee anything getting better anytime soon. The only thing that could happen that would help is if Bud Selig would finally step down or be fired, but that's not about to happen. Until that time, maybe we should just forget about baseball and accept figure skating as our national pastime.