The Boondocks Tackles Gay Marriage

Posted by Brandon |

Down With Pants! favorite comic strip Boondocks tackled the topic of gay marriage last week with amazing skill and real insight. I was amazed to see the laid back tone taken by Aaron McGruder on the subject while still strongly making his point. It clearly illustrates the differences in attitude and comfort that different generations and groups have on the subject. He never actually states his opinion on the subject, but he does paint a great and true picture of how the subject is being handled all across America right now.

We at Down With Pants! whole-heartedly support equal rights for everybody including the rights for gay couples to marry. Down With Pants! will be writing much more on this topic in the upcoming weeks but in the meantime read Boondocks and visit MoveOn.org to learn how you can help rid this country of equal rights biggest threat, George W. Bush.